RM9 - Ancestry and Media

I have installed RM9 (no issues) and have loaded/linked an ancestry tree.

Have begun playing with it. My question relates to the tree sharing feature and Media. Media all loaded fine - loaded to one file - my personal preference is to separate out the media by type - but that is not my question.

In Media, I can add a caption/description/date which is great. It doesn’t change the name of of the media in the file. Since I’ve changed the record in RM, shouldn’t I be able to use tree share so that the caption/description/date are also changed in Ancestry and vise versa? I’ve tried both ways, and tree share doesn’t recognize the media change - shows no changes. So, if a media item is changed in some manner, that isn’t captured?

I added a new media (census) item in Ancestry, and it did transfer over the record but that was attached to a census fact. I haven’t tried where I’ve only added a media item to the gallery and not attached to a fact.

I don’t think the media metadata stored in RM is involved in any way with the Ancestry Member tree through TreeShare; the Guide which describes what is and isn’t transferred is silent. From the RM Wiki:

This article details the TreeShare feature which lets you share data back and forth with Ancestry. Ancestry WebHints are detailed here.
A printable guide “FAQ: WebHints & TreeShare for Ancestry” is available for download here - http://files.rootsmagic.com/guides/Magic_Guide_TreeShare_Ancestry_FAQ.pdf

Thank you Tom. I didn’t know there was a guide - thanks for pointing that out to me.

Do you happen to know if there is a way to merge duplicate media? In the one I just did, the census record was attached to 3 people in the same family, each with their own fact in ancestry. I know have 3 copies of the same media in my RM file. (Maybe the guide will say how to prevent it in the first place :slight_smile:

I get a security error in attempting to download the pdf guide

Not from within the RM application which is sorely lacking in media management tools. And it should be programmed to not only detect the existence of a duplicate file while downloading (which something does else there wouldn’t be the repetitions or serial numbers in the cryptic filenames) but also to point all tags to one as primary and skip downloading duplicates.

That’s because RootsMagic Inc has not updated their servers to 2020’s security standards. they are still using http: hyperlinks, not certified https: links. Your browser’s security has been upgraded to filter http requests; you should be able to override the warning for websites you trust.

Thank you. I was able to bring up the document.

Yeah - I am finding lots of duplicates in the media. I was trying to clean them up in RM, but the names especially of the downloaded census records are pretty meaningless. I can’t control that I guess, but I can control the names in the Ancestry gallery. I need to clean up the Ancestry gallery because my media names aren’t very good there either. I think I am going to disconnect the tree I just loaded, clean up the gallery in ancestry and try again.

That’s my purpose with this is to use a smaller tree before trying to tackle my main tree.