TreeShare and RootsMagic Duplicating Media

I thought that something was fishy just didn’t take the time to figure what it was till now.
To busy fixing place names for the past month plus.
Kept getting media file names with numbers (expected) but with additional numbers in parentheses
not expected.
New it could come about from duplicate file names, re-down loads etc.
Thought I had done something wrong.

Just accepted and linked 1930 Census to family husband, wife, 6 kids at Ancestry.
TreeShare to RM.

Media downloaded and linked to 1st person that record was found was named
All other persons on the same source and fact the media was named
4608308_00521 (4608308_00521).

RootsMagic is duplicating the media.

It got it right on the originator of record but was unable to link correctly the media to each person in record.
In fact it duplicated the media and renamed but then used the “(media name)” to all others on record.

1 person with 4608308_00521.jpg
7 people with 4608308_00521 (4608308_00521).jpg

I know it can be changed but what a hassle and waste of time.
Looks like that changing 1 of the 7 people media file name changes the other 6.

Yes, that will happen if each download of the same media is separate. Ancestry has no way of knowing you already have that media on your computer.

But the RM app could check the database MultimediaTable and skip the download if there is a record of the file. Ancestry does not need to know.

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This not an Ancestry issue. Nor a duplicate DL Issue.

No it is RootsMagic duplicating the media, its inability to properly link the media to the source and persons.

As I indicated that I understood about duplicate DL adding the () and this is not what is happening.

If it was I would have 8 different file names.

Ancestry only offers one media for a record and they were all downloaded at once.
1st person that record was found has non ( ) file name all other have the () .
Other wise is why would 7 of the 8 have the () file name.
And Once you change one () file name all the () files change .
So that is telling me that RM has attached the media with the wrong file name to 7 people, missing one person.

This is an obvious error in RM.

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