Media duplication

I have noticed duplicate media files in the media backup folder. Why does back up allow duplicates in fact there are sometime 3 copies of the same photo?

That’s why I ditched it. Every time you research a person on Ancestry and use TreeShare with RootsMagic ALL sources and media for that person are seen as NEW. So, you end up with duplicates or triplicates etc. The problem is you cannot SEE or view the suggested media and sources that are supposedly new. Many are NOT!!!

Very poor!!! I am now using Family Tree Maker. I can actually see/view each source or media before I accept changes. I also get a break down of the name of the people, new sources and media. I can then print this off before I accept them.

Before I reuse RootsMagic 8 this issue needs to be fixed. Additionally, I asked for help from the techs at RootsMagic and only got a tutorial on how to I should follow the procedure for changed people after a TreeShare. That is what I had done and ended up with a BIG MESS.

Good luck

Perhaps the problem could be avoided if records found on ancestry via hints and record searches are NOT added by treeshare. Just download to your computer and add manually the document, transcript and source/citation to your database and media folder.

That defeats the purpose of TreeShare, however, I agree - it’s inefficient to keep downloading the same items over and over. I too have many duplicates and now no longer use RM as my main program or use TreeShare.

I use Ancestry and Timeshare extensively and find this only happens with source/citations to do with marriages. I tend to check to see if there is a real additional source to be added and if not I do not action the proposed changes. This topic was discussed earlier this year and is known to the developers.

Thanks for your reply, yes I see there are issues not just with duplicate photo’s and sources I have had it with RM8 software I’m requesting full refund. there e return policy is tonally unfair, you have to fill in an online form but have to send it by mail to USA from UK to prove your not using it, By the time they get it the 30 days will of expired. So I’m contacting Paypal.

Roy, all you need to do is fill out the online form and email it back to us. I saw the message you left through chats last night and have forwarded it to sales. They will email you back today and go over the instructions on sending it to us.

I doubt “BoyRoy72” will see or read this. I have used FTM, every version over the last 19 years. I switched to RM last Feb (2021) because of the mess FTM / Ancestry “SYNC” made of my tree. Sync works great when it work, There were two main reasons I switch to RM. Failed corrupt syncs with FTM / Ancestry and duplicate sources/citations and media. I now only attach media/sources/citations manually. I TreeShare a new tree to Ancestry about twice per year. It would have been helpful to know the steps they were doing to get undesired results so other could avoid back practices if that was the case. Or for RM to fix any potential issue(s)l. FTM is still a great program, but I would still recommend tree-share over FTM FamilySync – that is based on my personal experience as well as my know of a few others who have stopped using FTM.

Many thanks “kevync1985” I understand what your saying, but RM8 treats all “sources & citations as image file, there tech team are blaming the users even though many have said they stopped using RM8 because of the duplicates, FTM has options automatic or manual sync and is fairly unstable on Wi-Fi, for bester sycn is more reliable if PC is hard wired. I was sick of checking and deleting duplicates the photos are easy to delete but not the sources and citations are not. Thanks again for your take, good luck with RM8


My less than stellar DSL internet has no trouble with FTM sync. However, I only sync manually and up to ancestry. Hints and records found are downloaded manually and added to FTM database on my mac. Only then do I start a sync. This avoids duplication like census…residence facts. After a sync I also check each of the people involved to see if anything funny has happened.

If RM8 becomes stable on the mac I plan to switch to it for larger text size and better cleanup tools but at present it remains unusable for mac users.

Ancestry has no way of knowing if you already have an image on your computer. If you do not take care you can create duplicates if you download the same image more than once. That can happen if you click Accept Changes and have not marked all the changes for that individual at one time. Accepting changes one at a time will give you new media and sources each time. Stopping duplicates from happening is not something RootsMagic can prevent or stop. People can even do that outside of using Ancestry. On the computer you can place copies of the same media with the same name into two separate folders. If you then create media links back to each copy of those same images in different folders you will end up with duplicate images in the Media Gallery. Same concept, and the issue comes back to the user and what he is linking to. If you download the same Ancestry image more than once you will end up with duplicate images.

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