TreeShare Duplicating Media from Profile picture

If on Ancestry there is a profile picture which is in the persons gallery
And the same picture is in RM and is also the profile picture there.
TreeShare will duplicate the media and add the (XXXX) to same identical file name, caption, file size, and file title properties.
If you remove the profile picture at Ancestry there is no change to be made.

Keeping the Profile picture at Ancestry.
Results in:
Then if you close and open Treeshare it adds at Ancestry to the same person the same media that it just downloaded.
It keeps doing this over and over again.
Now have 5 files the same the original and 4 with different (xxxx) added to the name.
TreeShare keeps thinking its a new file and will continually keep wanting to add the file as new.

All the file names at Ancestry DL as the original file Name which appears to be taken from Ancestry’s Title.

This is important to know that file name and Caption/Title should match, so as to not get conflict in file names. If you want to add more use Description, time and date.

In this case does not apply as they are identical.

There has to be a better way to do this. Should be matching the DL file name from Ancestry, as in this case, the original are the same.

Reported issue to RM Support.