How to make ancestry and RM sources actually sync?

I’ve noticed that ancestry sources sometimes have the media as well as the transcript of the media included in the source. Also, ancestry sources are frequently cited in very generic terms. Sometimes this is so bad that one really can’t figure out where the actual info that supports the data is. I suppose that’s because ancestry is protecting their info from being copied by fee free members.

When I make sources in RM, I include the media when possible, and/or a detailed description of the info that supports the data that I’m giving the source for. Also, I’ve noticed that frequently when an ancestry source does have media, such as a newspaper clipping, it never makes it into my RM source.

So, after syncing my ancestry tree with my RM data using treeshare, when I check out the source that’s just been synced to the ancestry tree, I notice that frequently the media isn’t there, or the transcript isn’t there or other info that’s in my RM source.

What’s going on with this oh so weak synchronization?

How can I get my full RM source description to be shown in ancestry, and how can I get a full ancestry source to download into RM?

Am I the only RM user who’s paid attention to this? Or discovered it?


I have just gotten back into using TreeShare again, but I think I know what you are talking about, at least going from Ancestry to RM.

I went and looked at a record that I synced last night. In RM, I see the Ancestry source info, but nothing shows in the column for media. However, if I click on the media box for a certain fact - let’s say a marriage - it brings up the Media Album. There is a drop down box that shows me Marriage. I click that and then click on the *citation that goes with it and up pops the media/image of the marriage record.

I haven’t figured out if there is a way to get a checkbox on the person’s edit page in the column marked image, but the images are there. If I click on that image, it shows me where/how it is stored on my computer.

I hope this is at least part of what you were looking for. I also found this that explains it. Look under section C, #2.

I haven’t looked to see what happens going in the other direction, RM images being incorporated into Ancestry. I’ll see if I can try it out and see what happens.