Media for Sources

I have recently installed RM8 (former RM7 user) and am generally impressed by the new version.

I am one of those users who sync their trees with Ancestry and created my main database by downloading to a blank database in RM8. I was impressed that, unlike RM7, all the media attached to sources on Ancestry were not ‘dumped’ into the gallery tab of individuals (after an initial panic that they had not downloaded at all!). However, there is no indication on a fact as to whether a media file exists with regard to that fact, although there is an empty media file box available on all facts.

I appreciate that media can be viewed by clicking on the source ‘nib’, then clicking sources, clicking the citation and then scrolling down ‘edit citation’ to see if a media file is attached or not. Obviously then clicking media to view it. To be frank it is a bit of a faff, especially if there is no media file attached.

I am not very technical but wondered, as links to the media are already in place several clicks away, whether it is possible to show links to those files in the media box against the fact to which they are attached?

Keep up the good work.

I think this is one of “personal preferences”, although I may be in the minority on this one. I would prefer not to have that extra tag cluttering up the Edit Person screen and am fine with an extra click to see the media attached to the citation.

Technically possible. Persuading developers is another matter.