Ancestry Source Media

I am fairly positive that in RM7 it would download the media from Ancestry for Sources, like 1939 Entries. It does in Family Tree Maker, even if you are using the Free Ancestry Account.

Yet in RM 8 I can’t see these images which is annoying.

Source media will be under the fact sources on the Edit Person screen. They won’t show under fact media. Had the same in RM7.

For some reason, when I double click the residence fact for 1939 there is no media. there. just a source citation.

Ah - got it - click on the citation and then click on the media. Bit of a long root to get to that - is it not possible to simplify?

You could add the source media on the fact level if you want to see it there. Just add another media tag.

Perhaps a simpler approach is to download manually and attach to media to sources, citations or facts.

I don’t really want or need the tree changed as to how rm manages where it puts the media. What would be simplest is an automatic way to view all media tgat are in the sources for a person. That’s all and that can certain be coded easily enough.

I’m still using RM07, so can’t speak to RM08’s behavior.
What you seem to want is found in RM07 by opening a person’s edit screen. Leave the highlight on the person’s primary (display) name. Click on the [Media] button, There is a wealth of connections displayed - based, of course, on the use of tags to link the media to persons, facts, sources, places, etc/

My media is attached to facts…events and specific citations. None are attached to sources since that usually would only be a picture of a book cover, bible, census blank, etc.

FTM allows you to categorize media by type (user defined) and will also show all media for a person.
Screen Shot 2022-06-14 at 7.44.55 AM

As an aside, only a single page of a media document will be downloaded to RM from Ancestry. If you have a multi-page document, e.g. a WW1 soldier’s attestation, you will need to download each page from Ancestry to your PC manually then attach them to RM.

This seems to vary but if you Print a found item and check the box to attach transcript and source/citation you tend to get one pdf file with all.