RM8 Treeshare updates from Ancestry - Add downloaded media to Person Edit Screen Box

Continuing the discussion from RM8 Treeshare updates from Ancestry not linking media to event nor person:

The technique in this post certainly works but why doesn’t RM8 add the media link for the downloaded source to the person edit screen box so we don’t have to “hunt” for it?

This is an ancient problem in the RM world, all the way back to the Family Origins days. More recently, I complained about it many times in the RM4 through RM7 days. I was hoping the situation would be improved in RM8, but in many respects it seems to me that the RM8 way to get at media associated with citations is even more awkward than was the RM7 way.

Which raises the following question: suppose you could wave a magic wand and this problem would be fixed, what would your fix look like?

Many suggestions seem to be in the vein of showing the existence of citation media as a column in the main Edit person screen. Clicking on that column would then get you to the citation media. But I’m not sure that kind of approach really would work.

What has always made sense to me is a column in the list of citations that would show you the citation media. I’ve even made videos and posted screenshots about how that might work. RM7 at least shows you the citation list with a reasonable set of columns. The big thing that always was missing in RM7 was the column for media. RM8 really doesn’t show citations in columns any more. Instead, you have all the sliding panels for citations that take so many clicks. Therefore, sources, citations, and associated media are really hard to navigate in RM8.

So to summarize, as a sample size of one it’s hard for me to picture how showing the presence of citation media directly on the Edit Person screen could work. But it’s easy for me to picture how showing the citation media for the all the citations could work. The list of citations would simply have to look very much like the list of citations in RM7 except with an extra column with an icon to show the presence of citation media. And of course the icons would be clickable to see the citation media. But to show a good list of citations with columns, you could no longer try to cram all the citations into a little panel with lots of further sliding panels.

Ironically, all this source media stuff works way better in Web based systems such as FamilySearch and Ancestry. You click on Sources for a fact or person and POOF!, you see the image which is what is really important. All the footnote sentence and bibliography sentence and source template stuff simply is not front and center in that Web based world. I much prefer working in the desktop world, but it’s very frustrating that citation media is so deeply buried in the RM8 version of the desktop world.

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Thanks for the history and your thoughts on a solution.
My bottom line and frustration in this is the same as yours. The web based system in Ancestry, for example, is how I wish it could work in RM8 because the desktop is my prefered working environment too.

is there a way that RM8 Can do a manual facial recognition like old school google picasas 3.9? with unknown people?
it would seem that would be helpful with finding some pics people atleast… or am i missing something?

i started manually creating a few folders and saving the pics according to the family tree name atleast to start with not sure how helpful its going to be…

but for my wife who started 10 years ago and have around 20k names this pains me because i am the 1 that has been trying to figure out who is who and havent done a great job at it with the pics she does have…