Where do I find the gallery/media items in RM8?

In RM7 there is a camera icon in the upper left corner that opens up a screen with all my media files for that person. Where do I find the equivalent in RM8? I don’t want all the media that I can find in the media file - I want the media for specific people.

That view is absent from RM8. I don’t know when or if an equivalent will be provided.

Are you saying there is no way to see the media files that were imported from Ancestry other than all dumped into one file that aren’t identified at all as to which person they belong to?

That’s another question. The RM7 camera icon on the Edit Person window opens the Media Album (not Gallery) for a person which can include all media tagged to the person’s facts, events, citations and, over some years of development, it provided by RM7 very clear indication of where it was tagged. RM8 lacks the Media Album view for a person.

In RM7, the camera icon in the main menu can open either the Media Album for the selected person or the Media Gallery showing all media items linked to the database with very clear listings of all the places to which a selected item is tagged. RM8’s Media view from the main menu is its replacement for RM7’s Media Gallery. It does have a means of showing where an item is tagged but it requires the extra step of clicking on the Tags field to “slide in” a list. Unfortunately, its list of tags lacks features and data that RM7’s has and is not nearly as useful, particularly for Citation media. That’s partly collateral damage from the database restructuring for reusable citations which I hope will get sorted sooner rather than later.

Here’s a comparative example of the tag lists:


Notice the lack of info on where the Citation itself is tagged in RM8 and how you can see the Media item’s properties at the same time as the tags in RM7’s Media Gallery versus having to mouse back & forth between slide-in and slide-out in RM8.

There is another issue in the Edit Person screen in both RM7 and 8 that @thejerrybryan has posted and that is the lack of indication in the media column that there is a media item tagged to the source or citation for a fact. But, at least in RM7, you could view and filter on all the facts and events in the Media Album, those with an asterisk to flag they have media tags.

And we want to click on a media tag and get to the object to which it is tagged, e.g., the Citation …

I used the term “gallery” because that’s what it’s called in Ancestry.com.
So does RM 8 have a way to see all the media attached to a specific person?

Unless you’ve incorporated that specific person’s name in the filepath or filename, which can be searched via the media gallery, the only selective option might be going into the person’s Edit Person window and clicking each media icon for viewing.


RM7 does in the Person’s Media Album.

I guess I over explained in my previous replies and I will again. In RM8, there is no indication in Edit Person that there is media tagged to any of the citations without drilling down (sliding into) a specific citation. That’s where most of your Ancestry images are tagged. You can only see all images for everyone and everything or a few for a fact or a source or citation.

Maybe media management will improve…

Thank you for your time and explanations. If they’ve made it such an impossible task to determine what media goes with which person, then whatever other improvements they’ve made to RM8 aren’t worth it. I don’t have time or incentive to go through 17,000+ media items and individually tag them. Guess I’ll stick to RM7!

I think this question has already been answered extremely well. I would only add one thing about RM8’s weaknesses in media management.

When you look at a media file and its tags in RM8, it has already been mentioned that the tags for citations stop at the citation and don’t go all the way to the items where the citation is used, which is what you really want to know. But I think the problem is worse than that. For media tags for citations, RM8 only lists the source name and not the citation name. It needs to list both names for the information to be fully useful.

They are already tagged but it is so onerous to see if or where media is tagged when tagged to citations.

Unless I misunderstand you. Open the Edit Person screen and to the right of the Person’s name there are icons for Notes. Sources & Media. Click media and ther person’s gallery opens,

Thank you, Peter! That saves me a LOT of time and frustration! Is there a tutorial I missed somewhere that does quick instructions of such things? I consider myself more computer-savvy than most people and I came nowhere close to figuring that out!

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The media gallery is just the media files connected to the person record. That is certainly supported in RM8.

The media album for the person is all the media connected to the person’s person records, facts, sources, citations, names, and places. The media album is not supported in RM8. It’s a feature from RM7 that is missing from RM8.

I make note of the the fact that the RM7 icon for the media album was on the toolbar and not anywhere in the Edit Person screen. But RM8 has no toolbar in the classic sense of the word. If the option were to be added back in to RM8, the icon would need a place to reside.

I don’t believe you’ve gone without the link to the Media Album from the RM7 Edit Person window all these years, Jerry.

That is not the collection of all media items tagged to that person’s facts, events and citations as is the case for the person’s Media Album in RM7 which can be filtered to show the media tagged to any fact, event, citation. What it shows is the media tagged to what RM has called “General” or “Person (general)” (think of that as a numbered card recording that a body was male or female, is Living or not, and some Note). Everything else: name(s), events, citations et al is on separate cards, one per thing in separate card files. Here’s all that RM8’s Person>Media has for the same person for whom I showed the RM7 Media Album: 2 items instead of 4 and ongoing.

Actually, I have. Oops! :grinning: