Imported media not showing

I have just downloaded and installed RM8 and imported a tree and it’s multimedia from Ancestry. It downloaded a media folder and a rmtree file.
How do I view the various records associated with a person? In RM7, I just highlighted the person, clicked on “Edit Multimedia2” then on “Person media” and I could view all the records. I can’t seem to do this in RM!

Many thanks in advance

RM8 lacks the Album for a Person feature of RM7 that showed all or most of the items tagged to their General, Facts, Citations… You can see all the media that was downloaded for everyone in the database by viewing the Media Gallery. Otherwise, you have to drill down to the citation to see its media.

Many thanks. That is a backward step, I wish I had known that before I bought it today. They happily mention what has been added to an upgrade but never mention what has been removed!
Fortunately I still have RM7 on my PC!

A lot of RM7 users are waiting for a functional replacement to arrive. It looks like it’s getting closer, one year after 8 was released.

Just out of interest, if I upload my RM8 tree back to Ancestry as a new tree, would it re-associate all the multimedia images back to their respective persons in Ancestry?

If you select the option to include media when uploading the new tree it will.

Thank you very much for the prompt response.