Person’s Media files- RM7 vs. RM8

In RM7, when I viewed all the media files associated with person John Smith, I had 12 files. After moving to RM8, person John Smith now has only 9 media files. RM7 included the 9 media files that I manually attached to John PLUS the 3 media files automatically attached to John by the RM7 program (e.g. census forms in support of residence facts). RM8 includes only the 7 media files that I had originally attached manually.

Can I force RM8 to list all 12 of the media files associated with John Smith like RM7 did in the past?

I have never heard of RM7 automatically attaching any media to any person or any fact - how did it do this? Did it ask first or just change your database of its own accord?

I suspect that the “automatic attaches” were the result of download from ancestry via TreeShare. I don’t have any downloads from ancestry via TreeShare, so I can’t test my suspicion very easily. But if my suspicion is correct (and it may not be!), it’s hard to see how it would make any difference about listing all the files for the person in RM8.

Thanks for responding.

In RM7, I was often tagging images to a “citation” rather than to a “person”. I did not realize that I was doing that. It was not immediately obvious to me, because those images were appearing with the person’s images… I was happy in my ignorance.

With the transition to RM8, these images that were attached to the citations to not appear with the person’s images. I will just have to adjust my methods and learn to live with it.

Hello. I also have this problem. The census records, deeds, etc. that I added as media to sources showed up in that person’s media album in RM7, but only the photos show up in RM8. I also would like to find a way to have all the images show up. I contacted asked the question here last week and also messaged tech support but haven’t had any response.

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The feature to view all of a person’s media on a single screen is a feature in RM7 that’s missing from RM8. To tell you the truth, I hadn’t noticed because I seldom used the feature in RM7. Instead, I was very oriented in RM7 to viewing media files where they were - viewing a media file on the person if the media was linked to the person, viewing a media file on the citation if the media was linked to the citation, etc. I guess it goes go to show that there is a huge variety in the ways that we all use RM.

I did use the feature in RM7 occasionally, and it was invaluable when I did use it. So I hope that the feature is quickly added to RM8.

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In RM8 when I go to media for a person, I get all media not just for that person. What am I doing wrong?

Just a guess, but I suspect you are clicking the media tab on the left column vs the media icon next to the person or the fact in the edit view.

Doug, thank you. You were right. Just started on RM8 and after RM7 finding it a bit confusing. However, I know it will get easier.

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