Media Tagging RM8

When adding a new media image to a person I add them to the person, then go and tag the event that it relates to. In RM7, it automatically tagged the person, then allowed me to choose the event. In RM8 I now have to search the person, then add the tag to them and then go back and tag them again with the event, its not automatically tagging the person like it does in RM7. Is there something I’m missing? I did the drag and drop to the person, but still have to go back and redo all the tagging.

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I don’t think RM7 ever automatically tagged a media file to anything, but I think I know what you are talking about.

There are places in the tagging dialog in RM7 where there is a useful default starting point for the tagging. For example, if you tag a media file to a person and then click the Tag Media button, it is already defaulted to that person and it’s then easy to pick a fact for the person. The one I run into more often is that if I have a media tag in place for a citation but not for the owning source or vice versa, RM7 is already defaulted to the correct citation or source which makes it easy to add the additional tag.

This feature is missing in RM8 and I miss it very much. When you are adding a media tag in RM8 under these circumstances, there is no default starting place and the process is therefore much longer.

Just to be clear, there are also situations in RM7 when there is no default starting place for a media tagging operation. But there usually is a useful default in RM7, and it saves a lot of steps as compared to RM8.


This is exactly what I was looking for in RM8. I’m glad I didn’t miss it when trying to figure it out. Thank you for confirming. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will appear in a future (sooner than later) update to RM8.