Add or Edit Media Tag

When adding a tag to a media item, after selecting the person and event, I am unable to click on the “primary photo for this person”. It just does not accept a click in the box.

Hopefully this can be fixed in a software update?

Are you doing this from Media tab then the Edit Media panel on the right? Then click Tags and the edit pencil?

I have tried a couple different ways.
One, in the edit media tag screen, after selecting my person or event, I cannot click in the boxes to add a checkmark or delete a checkmark that appeared automatically.

The second way, I added a media item to the person screen. I want to tag this media for an event, so I click the plus sign to add a tag.

I have to go through the whole process of selecting the person again and then the event and when I find the person I want and select my event, I cannot click in the boxes “primary photo for this person/event” or the “include in scrapbook for this person”. It just doesn’t accept a click.