Media Tags -- edit in addtioan of + - Only

When you have a media tagged to WRONG thing – could be wrong fact or wrong person (or combination thereof). In case below to change 4899 to burial I have to remove and then add versus simply edit
I have run into other similar issues. Another would be with facts to change a marriage to a different spouse
Not sure if there have been request as feature enhancements


The ability to edit the Media tag exists already. The 4th Icon in your screen shot, is to edit the tag. Clicking that brings up the Add or Edit Media tag. Use “Tag type” (it is a drop down), to change where the media is tagged (Person, Family, Event, Source, Citation, Place, Place detail, Name, Task or Association), Depending on your choice of tag type, the “Person” drop down might change. But you have the option to change that tag to a different person or couple.

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Ah thanks Alan I missed that