Addition of a Media Table

Cleaning up my media files and found myself adding images featuring multiple people to each person in the photo, therefore duplicating captions, sources, dates, etc., and making it cumbersome to maintain consistency if a make a change to the media details, let alone if I ever need to change the filename.
May I suggest something like a media table to which all media is added and for which you select and link media to individuals or sources as required. Change in one place and change in all and provide much more flexible media handling.

Maybe I am missing your point, but do you use tags in media?

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Thank you so much. I had never used media Tags as the name did not indicate what they do and as consequence ignored them. Should have read the manual.

There is a media table. And a media link table which links the one piece of media to lots of people/events/citations etc.
When all else fails, read the instructions.