Family Media Tags

When adding a Family tag to an image, I had figured that the image would then show up in the media window for each individual in the family. It does not work that way for me. Am I missing something in this process?

I have one family of 13 people in a group picture. Do I have to add it individually to each of the 13?


You only need to add the picture once, then tag the other family members to it. But yes one at a time. Photos added to “family” only show on the parents and can then be used as the family photo in the Family Group sheet report.

As a rule of thumb, “family” stuff in RM is not family stuff. It’s couple stuff and only applies to a couple. The same concept is equally applicable to family facts, family notes, family sources, and family media. These items are really couple facts, couple notes, couple sources, and couple media.

For media files, RM uses the term “link” to link a media file into RM. At that point, the media file need not be associated with anybody or anything in RM. RM then uses the term “tag” to associate a media file with a person, a family (really, a couple), a fact, a citation, a source, or a place.

There are two ways to add these media tags.

  • The first way, is that they can be added from the edit person screen. When you are linking a new media file into RM from the Edit Person screen, it creates the media tag for the person, family, fact, citation, or source at the same time. After a media file is linked into RM, additional media tags can be added from the Edit Person screen in the same manner but by using the Use Existing Media option rather than using the Add New Media option.
  • The second way is that you can add media tags from the media file itself, for example from the main Media tab on the left side of the RM screen.

But no, you cannot add the family photo to all 13 family members, all in one go.The best you can do is add it to the couple and then to the 11 other family members individually. But I wouldn’t do it that way. I would add it to all 13 family members individually.

Thanks for the clarification. I probably have hundreds of multiple people pictures so the “Family” option would have been a huge time saver. Perhaps something to add to a future update of RM.