Family Images in RM 8

The Group Sheet permits images such as a marriage at the top.
How do I set a family or group image in the database? I can only set a person image.
Doug Hamilton - Australia.

One way is in the Edit Person window for one spouse of the couple. Select the row “Spouse” for the corresponding other half and click in the empty box of that row in the column under the heading icon for image. The right pane will switch to Media with a “+ Add media” control. Click on it to proceed. OR, when you have selected the Spouse fact, the right pane is filled with the related items summary and click on the control to the right of the “Media” label.

Check the wiki: Adding Media Items - RootsMagic Wiki

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Thank you for the reply TomH. It gives a clue to proceeding but the wiki is not all that helpful. What title is needed for a group or wedding image, is “tagging” needed? Sadly on line discussions like the webinairs fail somewhat compared to printed guide lines for those trying to cope with a very different database compared to RM 7. I hope to see a detailed presentation on media handling in RM 8.
Doug from Australia.

I’ve had issue with the term “tag”. One might expect that a name should be added to the tag but there is no corresponding action required. Rather, you just select the items to be associated. If you want a group photo to be associated with multiple people, you associate it multiple times. The actual photo file needs be linked only once to the database, unless you want a different caption for each association tag.

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Thanks Tom.
I have a wedding image which I wish to display at the top of the Group Sheet. To whom do I link it to, and how is it selected by the programme to show in the Group Sheet? I cannot see a check box for this operation showing. Does it need to go in both the person and spouse?

On the Edit Person window of either husband or wife, click on the Spouse row and either the box in that row or the Media button in the right pane, as I explained.

On the FGS report settings is the option to include the photo. I’m pretty sure the Help wiki has guidance… just checked, scroll down to “Picture settings” at Report Settings - RootsMagic Wiki

Thanks again Tom. Your suggestions helped a bit, but still no success. It was so simple in RM 7. I think the programme writers have a bit more to accomplish here. Most of the programme works well but quite a bit more like book publishing and media operations are needing work. Sadly one can seem to revert to RM 7. The printed steps are hard to follow, particularly in regard to media.

Doug, I must apologise for misinterpreting your question. I thought your problem was in the process of adding media but, after going through the entire procedure of adding media to generating the FGS report, I realised that RM8’s FGS does not support a Family Photo! That’s one more feature not carried over from RM7.

On top of that, I went through checkbox hell trying to select the family. Having experienced this before I mitigated my mouse pointer dislocation issue on a >100% scale monitor, I had not gone back to check. Apparently, it’s an unrelated problem. I am not a RM8 user, just a dabbler. I dabble enough to run into things that turn me off or to try and help others and to test some SQLite procedure. It is going to take considerable improvement for me to migrate important work from RM7 to RM8; the question is will I have emigrated somewhere else beforehand?