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I just migrated my RM 7.65 file to the release version of RM 8. So far so good, I like what I see.

One puzzlement, when I go from “Home” (the Dashboard) to “People” (my tree) the “Root Person” is selected. That’s me. But there is a new piece of information in the upper left under my name and DOB: it says “First cousin twice removed”. I didn’t see that in RM 7.

So I’m a First cousin twice removed from whom? Me? (Hums old novelty song: “I’m my own Grandpa…”)

I also see an image. Not my picture but my Grandfather’s WWI draft card. Other images seem to be attached to the right people. Is there a way to verify that?

Got it. Set Relationships - RootsMagic Wiki

Relationship was shown but on the bottom left instead. And it would give the in-law status eg wife of. RM8 only gives blood relationships.

Mental note made of the last line in that Wiki:

““Set relationships” sets the relationship for the people currently in the database. If you add additional people to the database they will not display a relationship until you run the command again.”

Can that really not be automated?
Does it really not even rerun when the database is closed & reopened?


I think that was a wish list item throughout the life of RM7!


Making it “automated” means you are adding yet another query (or set of queries) from the database every time you change focus to a new person. It comes at a cost. Maybe that cost is negligible but from what I am reading many people are having issues with RM8 already being sluggish. The data it displays is not essential to most day to day work. It can be refreshed on demand as required.

Considering the value added, I would consider this a “nice to have” but definitely not essential.

Can’t the action after adding a blood relative just be to add that person to the list for showing relationship rather than having to run the query on the whole database every re-focus?

Actually I have found that RM8 is flowing well now. I am switching between left-bar activities, data merging and running searches with no delay. The only time it hangs is sharing data from FamilySearch.

It (query such as that) should probably be run when the program is launched

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