Relationship Display for All Bloo Relatives

In version 7, I am/was the root person. The program would then display, usually on the bottom left of the screen the relationship of other people, or it was blank if there was not relationship. I’ve got 62,000+ records and do research based on level of relationship. The relationship (or non-relationship) would also pop up if I was scrolling through the database list. I would know if someone was a 2nd cousin, 3x removed and decide if it was pursuing that family.

Can’ find a setting in 8.0 where I can have the relationship of other people to me show up automatically on the screen without doing some sort of relationship calculator. I saw instructions in another post, but couldn’t follow them. Been using the program for probably 20 years, so I know both I and the software have growing pains, but it is very important in my research that if I click on or “John Doe” that I know immediately if there is any blood relationship.

Also, I liked the previous version as I would have the database list in a column on the left side of the screen and then work on families on the rest of the screen. Not sure if that’s possible.

Thanks to anyone for help and guidance…


The relationship to the root person shows up under their name



Thank you!!! I was dealing with relatively new entries which hadn’t updated…and am a bit abashed. Thanks.

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Regarding your second point, check the Display settings. You can choose whether to have both the People side view and the Search criteria positioned to either the right or left of your screen.

Thanks on that one, but there is another anomaly. I was playing around with setting the root person. I am now reset as the root person, got out of the program and back in, and even rebooted the computer, but under my name it says I’m the 5th cousin, 1x removed from someone else, don’t remember who. My mother is shown as the 5th cousin to that person.

If I do the relationship calculator, it give correct answers, the annotation below names in the database is not correct, as though some other person is the root person, even though I am set as the root person and relationship calculators are correct.

In version 7 there was a function to reset the root person, then it would erase existing relationships and then reset all relationships. Haven’t been able to find that function in version 8. It’s like just setting myself as the root person is not sufficient to reset all other relationships.

Thanks for your time!

Terry, is that relationship to the root person a default, or does it have to be turned on somewhere? If it’s supposed to be a default, it’s not working, if it has to be turned on, where do I do it?



People Page > Edit (Pencil Icon) > Set relationships > Show relationships to > Select yourself as the person with regard to whom relationships will be shown and press “Select” > Set relationship.

I believe that this can be used to show relationships to anyone currently in your database but needs to be repeated if relevant new people are added later,

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Yes Ron, correct answer but your post should have been directed to @Philirons who asked the question :slight_smile:

Beginner’s error!

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Thanks for the reply, @Ronbu. I just tried and it works. And thanks to Terry, too!

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Ok, followed the instructions above but I have a question.
What if you are related to someone in more than one way? Example, I found out that my spouse and I are blood related through brothers several generations ago. One brother branched off to my husband’s family and the other to mine. Shouldn’t that mean there would be two relationships showing up under my name?

I believe it shows the closest relationship but somebody may confirm (or not). I haven’t come across any that are related in more than one way so cannot be sure myself

Thanks for answering. RM7 showed both relationships, when using the relationship calculator.

The relationship calculator in RM8 shows us as 6th cousins. The relationship under my name shows him as spouse. RM7 Showed both.

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This was a feature request I asked for in RM7. Legacy Software does it correctly. If I find my great grandfathers brother and add him to the tree, the software automatically identifies him as my great granduncle. No need to recalculate relationships. If other software can do it, RM should be able to as well.


I should be the root person; however, I am listed as Second Cousin. I have tried and tried to change this using the method shown by @Terry. Nothing seems to work. Suggestions?

You have to set yourselves in focus.

How do I “set myself in focus” - please explain.

In any view, right-click upon yourself and in the menu that drops down, click thru Position to Set root person. You should then be highlighted, too, so follow by clicking on the Command Pallette menu icon in the upper right and scroll down to choose Set Relationships and click upon the Set Relationships button.

It WORKS! Thanks for the help. BTW, I’ve been using RM since version 1.0 and this is the first time I’ve been so stuck. Thanks again.