Relationship Display Question

Why would RM9 show on the upper left side my relationship to someone as “second cousin 3 times removed” when I highlight that person’s name but not show this when I run the relationship calculator? Instead, it shows “fifth cousin once removed.”

If the reference person selected in Command Palette->Set Relationships does not match one of the folks in Relationship Chart Settings. If you were thinking Set Root Person… different function~innocent mistake.

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Thank you but I don’t totally understand. The root person is the correct one for me. I went to myself, clicked on the Command Palette, clicked on Set Relationships there, and then clicked on Set relationships in the pop-up box. Now the relationship shown on the upper left matches what the relationship calculator shows. Issue mysteriously solved. Where do I find the Relationship Chart Settings?

under Publish>Relationship Chart


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Thank you, I’ve never looked at that chart. I like it and will likely use it in the future. I seem to learn something new about RM every day:-)