Changing image links

Am I missing a trick here?
Some years ago I entered media images into RM7 and chose some very poor filenames.
For example an image called “family group.jpg”
I linked the image to grandfather Sam Sample since he was the main person in the group photo.
As there were several people in the image I tagged the image with each of them. Quite laborious.
Now I want to change the image filename to “Sam Sample (1890-1954) family group Jan 1947”
If I do so, I must then delete the old image for Sam, add the new one and then re-enter all the tags.
Have I got that right or is there a better way?
I refer to RM7 but I assume the same question applies to RM8.

A simpler method:
Go to the file stored on your computer and rename.
Open RM8 and click on Media, left hand side.
Your multimedia pane will open and show all thumbnails.
Find your “family group.jpg” and single left click to select - there will be an error flagged - Media file not found.
In the Edit Media pane edit filename to include “Sam Sample (1890-1954) family group Jan 1947” in the filepath, without the quotes.
Edit Caption.
For completeness you may want to do some housekeeping - fix media links and/or build thumbnails… Your choice but not required.

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AH! Magic. Many thanks.
Since that capability wasn’t in RM7 (?), I just assumed it wasn’t in RM8.
Another reason to make the big jump!!

The same sort of thing also worked on RM7.

Obviously, the big deal with this sort of thing is not to lose all your media tags, which is why deleting the media file and re-entering it from scratch is not a very good approach. The trick in either RM7 or RM8 is to change the file name without messing around with the media tags at all. In RM7, it was highlight the media file name, Properties, Change Media File. In RM8, it’s highlight the media file. Then you can either type over the file name as already suggested, or you can click on the tiny little folder icon to the far right of the file name and navigate to the new file name to select.

A variation that works in both RM7 and RM8 is to go through the same procedure to change the media file even before it’s renamed. Go into the place in RM7 or RM8 where you are actually selecting the media file. You will really be outside of RM at this point. In Windows you will be in the File->Open dialog which is part of Windows File Explorer, and I assume the equivalent is true for Mac. Select the old file name, rename it, and select the new file name. This lets you do the rename without ever leaving RM if you wish. In Windows, you can rename by right click or by using F2. I don’t know how file renames work on a Mac.

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Thank you.
I stand corrected, but delighted I don’t have to rush into RM8 just yet :slight_smile: