Rename image file

Is there a way to rename an image file name within Roots Magic so that that all the existing links to Facts and Citations are retained?

Sort of.

RM has the ability to switch to a different image file so that all the existing links are retained. In order to do a rename so that all the existing links are retained you go through that process and in the middle of the process you will be in Windows File Explorer or the Mac equivalent where you can do the rename. Having done the rename, you pick the renamed file as the “new” file although it’s really the old file which has been renamed.

In more detail, go into Media and pick the file to be renamed. Usually, the easiest way to do this is to use the Search box. I also find it useful to switch from displaying thumbnails to displaying file names. In the right hand panel, highlight the filename and a teeny tiny folder looking icon will appear at the far right side of the screen. Click on this icon. Navigate to the file, highlight it, rename it, and click Open. Well, that’s on Windows. It might be a little different on a Mac.

Thank you very much. It’s a little cumbersome but its works. -sg

I followed your advice. I then tried to copy and paste the file name from RM8 to the folder’s search window on my Mac, however, copy and paste did not work. I have had success by not using the little icon to open the folder on my Mac. I simply copy the file name and then open in a window in the mac’s finder application and paste the name into the search menu. That works quite well. It is also useful for finding duplicates.

If you copy the file name into the RM Media search bar, you will also identify all duplicates of the file stored in RM8.

Even though I pasted a solution in this thread, the solution is really pretty inadequate for RM8. I’m posting further discussion in new thread.