Rename File in RootsMagic 9

How do I rename a file in RootsMagic 9?
Thank you for assistance.


See File>Tools>Rename

Thank you to both of you.
I have opened the file that I want to rename and have opened the tools menu. I still can’t see an option to move or to rename…

That is strange since it is in the same exact place in both RM8 and RM9. Are you using the Essentials Version? Maybe it does not allow a rename or move.

If you can find it within the program, your other option is to rename it as you would rename any other file on your computer. For example in Windows, go to where you have the file stores, right click it and select Rename from the menu. I am sure Mac has something similar.


RM9 Help

Thank you again to the RM community members for your assistance.
I was looking at the Tools tab when I had the file open in the People view. Once I went to the Tools view on the Left-hand pane, I found the option that I needed.
Problem now solved - many thanks again!!