Moving media file directory

While finding my way around in RM8 media, I found many files linked to the folder where I downloaded my Ancestry file into RM7. I usually store media that I link to RM7 in a Photos folder. These are still linked -in RM8 (as the are media linked to the ancestry folder). I want these Ancestry photo files to be in the same photo folder as the RM files. How the heck do I manage this without doing a check of every single media file?? IS there a quicker way?

Just move them to your Photos folder and run Fix broken media links. This will reconnect them. Don’t however rename any of them or this will not work.

Yes Terry, I thought that. But I already have photos in RM with ‘proper filenames’ and don’t particularly want the numbered stuff from Ancestry. I always upload my photos/media (with proper filenames) into Ancestry online, but they turn into these numbers and remain linked to RM. I don’t think there is any way around this but manual and don’t download media from Ancestry again. The other problem is, I am a folder nut - everything must be filed and easy to find (from editing career). So I have the two lines of my family from me in two separate folders/directories - fathers side in one and mothers side in another. Guess I could combine them, unlink all the Ancestry media and re-link with the proper files. Ugh!
Thanks again for your reply.