Roots Magic Report Settings

When I select Include photo for each person in settings for Family group report then click generate report, no pictures show in the report. Am I missing something?

Only photos attached to a person’s name and tagged as Primary will print.

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How do I attach photo to a persons name?
How do I tag it as Primary?

Open the Person;s [Media Album]
Open [Edit Tag]
Select [_] Primary photo for this person

I have done this but images do not show up on published reports.

Even when they are tagged as primary they do not show up when I publish Family Group sheet.

I’m using RM7, and photos show up in Family Group Sheets.

Yes, it works in RM7 but not in RM8.

Works in my RM8 I just tried. Contact support I don’t know why it isn’t working for you

I hate to be point out something too obvious, but when the FGS is being setup, have you ticked the box for Photos? I seem to think mine was off by default.


Yes, it is ticked. That was the first thing I checked.

Hmm, I wonder what I am doing wrong. I will contact support.

Found the problem. It was broken links, I did not catch it because the thumbnail still showed on the people view screen.

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