How do you include photos and images so they are visible?

I’m very new to RootsMagic.

I have photos of houses and churches, which I’ve been adding to my places records, and images of indexes and certificates that I’ve put on my source citations, but these don’t appear to be visible on the people who the records pertain to. Should I add these photos to the facts on the people, and is there anyway for them to be visible, either on the People screen or the reports?

For media to show on the Edit Person screen grid icon it would need to be attached on the fact level. For reports you typically only get the primary media image for the person, unless you are creating a scrapbook. With the scrapbook if you want source media to show on the individual it would need to be added to their fact.

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Thanks for the help. Even if I add an image to every fact on my person record, the scrap book only shows the ones on the first row (with my name and the sex icon) and the ones on my birth fact. All others are ignored.

It seems that visuals are not considered useful, which leaves me wondering why it offers the option to add them to everything. Still, I’m finding RootsMagic very useful for all the other features it has, and I’m having a lot of fun with it.

Check on the Edit Media panel that “Include in scrapbook” is selected on those images not showing on a person scrapbook. Also check that the media links are not broken.

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“Include in scrapbook” is selected and the links are not broken.

If this is how it works, then c’est la vie, but if you think it should work I’ll keep tinkering with it.

Open a support ticket and include a backup with media so we can look at what’s happening.

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