Narrative report with all photos

I am trying to find a way to print a narrative report of ancestors and include all the photos that are under everyone in the report.
Is that possible?

The Narrative report will only include the primary photo of a person. If you want to include more pictures create a book with Publisher, and add a Scrapbook.

Yes, I see what you’re saying in Publisher, but this is not the way I would like it to work.
In Publisher you need to add a scrapbook for every individual that you want to include all their photos of.

What I would like is to have all the photos fall under the person that they pertain to in the narrative report.
I did not want to have the photos isolated in their own chapter in the book of just photos.

If you save the Narrative report as a .docx you can add the additional photos where you want them to appear.

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Please bear with me and let me explain. I hope this makes sense.
If I save the report as a .docx as you suggested and then go back in insert the additional photos for everyone in my report that I created, it will take forever to do this. Maybe not forever, but a long time.
Then every time I update the report, I would have to go back and reinsert the additional photos under each individual again.

How many times have I or others created a report and thought you had it all tweaked the way we wanted it. Then we found out we had missed something and had to run the report again. I usually run the report a few times until I have everything the way I want it.

Your suggestion will work. However, the issue is with it the labor it would take to insert the additional photos under every person in the report. Especially large reports. Then when you have it all done and realize you did something wrong and need to start from scratch again. That would really anyone off.

It would be ideal if RM had a setting in the Narrative Report to include an additional FACT in the report for each individual.

I have an addition Fact that I created called “Photos”.
This is where all my additional photos go into for each individual.
If this fact could be included in the Narrative Report this would be ideal. It would include all my additional photos.
It would alleviate having to do all the manual labor that you suggest to do with the .docx file.

If you use the Publisher with the narrative and scrapbook you will have everything you need. Just move the scrapbook and place it inside the narrative where you want it in the .docx.

As I previously stated.
The way you are saying to do this is a timely endeavor and don’t see where it is impossible.
Let me explain again as maybe I was not clear the first time.
I want to include all photos for each of the individuals in my narrative report.
I want these photos to be listed under each of the individuals in the narrative report.

If I do a narrative report starting from me and go back 30 generations, there is no current way to do this.
The way you suggested, I see no way of it working.
Yes, I can create a scrapbook and insert it into my book. However, the scrapbook can only be inserted separately. I would need to be able to go into the narrative report and insert a scrapbook after each individual.

I don’t want 70 plus scrapbooks at the end of the narrative report for each individual. I want the photos to flow with the narrative report.

Maybe I am not understanding what you mean when you say “Just move the scrapbook and place it inside the narrative report where I want it in the .docx”.
If you are suggesting that I save my book as a .docx file and go in it and cut and paste the photos into the places that I want them after the book has been generated each time, that is ridiculous.

If I misunderstand you and there is a way to do this, please explain more.

You’ve “tagged” this as a feature-request, so this may be possible down the development road (ie. NOT any time soon). Renee is continuing to answer the very first question you asked. In other words, “sounds like” your only option for some months or years is to create Scrapbooks of fact/citation media for individual folks and arrange them afterwards via Publisher and .DOCX. file edits. How is your timeline looking?

RM can not do what you are asking and it isn’t likely to get the option to do so anytime soon. Your request is not a new ask. Why it hasn’t/can’t be implemented, I do not know. As it stands, your options are to wait and see, or find a software package that can do it. I believe at least one viable option has been mentioned.

I get what you are asking for and the request has been given to development. It is still their decision if they want to support it or not. I’m just trying to suggest how to work with the tools we already have.

The scrapbook page is saved as one image. There are not separate individual images to be moved from the page. Insert a new page where you want to break up the narrative. Then cut and paste the scrapbook page to the blank page inside your narrative. You can highlight cut and paste several pages at a time. Just make sure you have enough blank pages for pasting.

First off thank you for your suggestion on how to work with the tools that RM has. I however can’t see myself creating 600 scrapbooks and then cutting and pasting each scrapbook into the narrative report.
Also, thank you for letting me know that the request has been sent to development.