Media scrapbooks missing eveything but photographs?

In RM7, each of my people had a media scrapbook that contained all the images that pertained to them. If I added a source to one of their facts and that source included media, that media was automatically included in their scrapbook (images of census records, marriage records, wills, deeds, etc.). The scrapbook also included any photos I tagged to that person. In RM8, the only images in someone’s scrapbook are photographs. All the images of census records, etc. have been omitted. They are still included as media in the fact sources, and are even marked “include in scrapbook,” but they aren’t in the scrapbook. Is this a planned change to get used to or am I doing something wrong? Thank you!
Edited to add: One of my people has two different tombstones. Photos of both are used as fact sources. Both photos are included as media for those sources. Both photos are marked “include in scrapbook.” But only one photo is in the person’s media scrapbook. So it’s not just “document” images that are missing… So confused.

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