Missing images in Scrapbook in RM8

I use RM7 on Windows 10. I experimented with the Scrapbook report for just one person and used default settings for everything. The result was as expected. Six images per page with frame and associated text for each image. The person chosen had about 70 associated images.
I then ran the same report on RM8. The first page had 3 of the images missing. The frame and other text information were correct. The second page had 4 missing images. All subsequent pages were correct. All my image files are in a single folder and of type .jpg. As far as I can tell there is nothing special or different about the missing images.
As I am planning to move to RM8 I would like to resolve this issue.
Any suggestions or comments appreciated.

You might need to examine the properties of each image with a comprehensive tool such as IrfanView to see if there is some difference in the image encoding that corresponds with the blank renderings in RM8. I remember that RM7 does not support jpeg2000, for example. The RM8 report writer is not the same as RM7 's and will have its own exceptions. A workaround would be to convert the files to a supported encoding.

I haven’t examined the image properties in that level of detail (encoding method). But I know that they are a mix of scans, digital camera photos and mobile phone photos. Some have been enhanced on MyHeritage and others in Picasa. Some have had captions added using Caption Pro. Given that, I can see no common property for those that are not rendered. I am suspicious that the missing images are only on the first two pages of the scrapbook. I tried other page formats (e.g. 3x4) and the same seven images are blank. This does strongly suggest that those images have some property not compatible with the report writer.
Running the scrapbook report for a different person also produces a few blank images - some shared with the first person and not on the first pages of the report.
I conclude that, as suggested by TomH, the report writer doesn’t like some property common to the failing images.
Irfanview? Maybe, but image encoding algorithms are not my strong point.
Some form of error message from the report writer would have been nice.