Program freezing when generating a scrapbook

Is anyone else having an issue with the program freezing when generating a scrapbook. It has not happened with every person in the tree. I am trying to trouble shoot this with no luck.

Just clutching at straws here but do you by chance have any media items with a file format that RootsMagic doesn’t accept in Scrapbook?

Thanks for the reply!

No. They are all saved as jpg

I’m still running RM7. I make scrapbooks for every sub-project. The current sub-project is now over 500 images in its scrapbook, so overall image number doesn’t seem to be an issue in RM7. However, Adobe Reader has a problem when I include images that are too large. For example, newspaper scans are routinely 6000 to 9500 pixels tall. When included in the scrapbook at that size, the Adobe Reader renders a blank page. So, now I reduce all images to 5000 pixels high, and have NO PROBLEMS in that 500-image scrapbook.

Yes. I wish I had stayed with RM7 because I was able to run the scrapbooks with no issues. This one has me scratching my head… I will keep trouble shooting!

Have you put in a support ticket? If there is an issue, it will help RM to identify and fix.

Yes I have, however, I’m not getting much assistance with that. They keep asking me questions I have already supplied answers to.

As a follow-up I was able to resolve this. I believe the issue was that the “descriptions” I entered in some of the media was simply too lengthy. I shortened the description and moved the excess into the “notes” section so I still have the info. The scrapbooks printed fine after that.

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