Number of Chapters in RM8 Books

While trying to recreate the same books I have in RM7 I periodically ran “Generate” to see how it is looking. After I added more chapters RM8 got to a point where it gets stuck at “Generating”. While it was stuck like that I ran the same book in RM7 which has more chapters than the one I am trying to re-create in RM8 - RM7 completed successfully but RM8 remained at “Generating”.

In the newest update at RM8, some date sago there is a new option Book.

The bug doesn’t seem to be related to the number of chapters. I’ve managed to move two books so far to RM8. One has over 20 chapters and generates fine. The other has 10 and doesn’t and just sits in Generating.

Try generating it as a standalone narrative report with the same person and settings and see if you still have an issue. That will help narrow down if there’s an issue with someone selected in that narrative.

I Narrowed it down to a “Scrapbook” report for one of the people. It do not generate separately and when I remove it from the book the book generates. One of the images in it was causing the issue. I had to remove the image form the media and re-add it for it to work. the image would show up correctly before I removed it so there was no indication it would be a problem. The system does not give you any idea where the issue is.

I had same issue. Created book over 127 pages with multiple chapters. When I added scrapbook report for individual it hung up the report. I had to close the window and then use task manager to stop RootsMagic program. Restarting the program showed all book information I had created as a blank book with no chapters. I am making sure to backup RootsMagic before I add any sections. I was able to recover book from last backup. I have run individual scrapbook report for the person and it hangs up as well. The person had about 50 media images attached so it will take time to identify the issue. I am so happy the book option is out. I can live with a few bugs.
Update Solved my Issue:
I found if I turned off (unchecked) ‘Print Descriptions’ in the Scrapbook Report that the report would run. I then clicked on the media for the individual and used the down arrow to inspect the ‘Description Field’. I found one picture where the description was shown as blank (normally if blank the Description: doesn’t show up). I edited the record and cleared all the characters out of the description field. That fixed the scrapbook report for that person and I was able to add the report to my Book and everything ran perfectly.