Creation of books in RM7 Publisher

I am new to using RM7 Book Publisher. I am trying to create a book for my fathers line. The software seems to be designed toward creating a separate book for each person. I want to create a book for the entire line. This is confusing. If I create each person a different book, then the table of contents will only be for that book and not for the entire line. Can anyone advise how to merge books or design an approach that will address this issue?
Thanks for any help.

For the most part, chapters in in a Publisher book are standard RM reports. Which standard reports are you using for your chapters? For example, are you doing something like starting with yourself and doing an ancestral report for one of your chapters.? Or are you starting with one of your ancestors and doing a descendant report for one of your chapters? Another way to think about it is to suppose you were typing the whole book in by hand. You aren’t, but if you were, what would you like each chapter to look like?

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Thanks Jerry,
What I am trying to do is create a book for my fathers family line including his 10 siblings and all their spouses and descendants. Each family head is a different chapter. Here is what one of my chapters includes:
Each person (family head) is a new chapter
Person - Title Page
Table of Contents
Person - Family Group Sheet
Spouse - Ahnentafel (Person Ahnentafel listed once in Paternal Chapter to avoid duplication)
Person - Scrapbook
Spouse - Family Tree Photo
Spouse - Scrapbook

Each family’s children show up in the Family Group Sheet. The children notes provide additional details.

I think what I am actually doing is creating a separate book for each person’s family. This is fine except that I want all of the persons/families in one book. My problem is how do I get all of the persons into one Table of Contents?

I’m confused. Am I approaching this correctly? Hence my question about “merging” chapters or books.


It may just be a matter of terminology, but I think that what you are calling one chapter would be seven chapters in RM Publisher. Since you have 11 siblings in all in your father’s family, that would be 77 chapters from the point of view of RM Publisher. It would make a single table of contents covering all 77 of those chapters.

Thanks Jerry,
I think I had sort of figured that out. I was thinking of chapters in a book, like in a novel, etc. I have tried making a new “master” book for my grandfather’s family. I then open that book before I add any new “chapters”. For example, I loaded “chapters” for several of my aunts and uncles to that master book. This results in a single table of contents. The deal is that all the data, for all the family members in this group, have to be loaded to a single book to get the desired result. The title of the book should have to do with the family group, not necessarily with a specific individual.
I’ll finish trying this and see if that really is the solution.
Thanks again

All indications are that creating a “Master” book and then adding chapters for individuals to that book, instead of separate books for each person, works just fine (for my purposes anyway). I had to get creative with cover and title pages etc. to keep things in proper order, but seems to work well. The table of contents works perfectly as well.
Thanks again for your advice.