Combining Published Books in RM7

How can you combine RM7 published books? I want to copy data in a given chapter for a person A into a book for person B .

Any help appreciated.

There is no direct way to copy chapters from one book to another. To “copy” a chapter that’s an RM report, you would need to add the same report to the second book manually. To “copy” a chapter that’s not an RM report, you would need to create the same chapter in the second book, probably doing a copy and paste of the text.

As far as I know, it’s not possible to copy a whole book to start a second version of the book or anything like that. You need to create each book from scratch. Creating each chapter of the second book would be a manual process. These kinds of improvements have been requested for years. We shall see if any of them appear in RM8 when the Publisher feature appears in RM8.

OK, thanks Jerry. That is what I thought from working with my books, but I was hoping I was missing something. So, once the book is created, any changes made to a person’s record in RM will automatically update to the related book(s). But, you can’t copy a book directly. It will be interesting to see if the RM8 publisher addresses this.