Publishing Issues

I have finally made the change from RM7 to the latest version of RM9. In creating a large book of 200+ chapters, I find there are a couple of items that have frustrated me.

  1. When I select a chapter to move, it always goes into the change screen. I then have to exit to do the move.
  2. To move a new chapter towards the beginning, the chapter is added at the end and then I have to hit the up button many, many times to position it.
  3. My book when printed has a blue line separating the header and footer from the text. An option to change this would be desirable.
  4. When printing select pages from the generated book, there is no way to print double sided. I have to save it first.

When publishing a book, I would also like to see an option to have endnotes at the end of each family group sheet instead of having them all together at the end of the book without any headings.