I want to learn more about how to use RootsMagic 9 Publishing

I have tried the Publish function for my family database and I’m not able to see the results I would expect and that I’ve seen on the subject webinar. Does anyone have ideas on how to learn more about publishing a book using MacBook Air?

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See this video https://youtu.be/nd0JgRPrRAI?si=G28StBZk1G0cRS3w

My Biggest complaint about the book is that if you are building a more complicated book – it can be very tedious. You have to add and configure each and every “chapter” one at-a-time. The term “Chapter” is misleading — is simply an item.

The end results are decent.
Not all charts are available as “chapter” items. It might be difficult to have different formatting across the book for different items.

I have only produced books on 9.1.3 (and some versions before on W10) – but I would not think the way a book or results are built are much different – you can do as Word or PDF output.


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