RM8 Publish a book

Is the RootsMagic 8 tech team planning to provide the Publish a Book feature that was available in RootsMagic 7?

Last that we heard, it was supposed to be a feature that was coming later!

I am disappointed on the delay.
It makes me wish to revert to RM7 which did it and also permit the CD share option.

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You can share RM 8 on flash drive – I did one a few weeks ago for my daughter. If not in same household, they get the essential version unless they have license for full version.

I too am waiting on book feature in 8. I add all my new data in 7 and import to 8. I will commit to 8 once book is an option. I know they don’t like committing to dates but at least recommit that Book will be an option. Rm7 and 8 are still one of my favorite programs. Hope they keep up the good work!