RM8 Publish a book

Is the RootsMagic 8 tech team planning to provide the Publish a Book feature that was available in RootsMagic 7?

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Last that we heard, it was supposed to be a feature that was coming later!

I am disappointed on the delay.
It makes me wish to revert to RM7 which did it and also permit the CD share option.

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You can share RM 8 on flash drive – I did one a few weeks ago for my daughter. If not in same household, they get the essential version unless they have license for full version.

I too am waiting on book feature in 8. I add all my new data in 7 and import to 8. I will commit to 8 once book is an option. I know they don’t like committing to dates but at least recommit that Book will be an option. Rm7 and 8 are still one of my favorite programs. Hope they keep up the good work!

Have there been any updates on when the RM8 Publish a Book will be available? It’s now six months beyond this inquiry and a couple years since launch of RM8. I’m ready to launch into a large family history book project, so anxious to use this feature. Thanks for any more current information.

No promise, projection, estimate has been made by RM Inc. You might have to consider reverting to RM7.