When is the publishing book going to be released

Hi Does anyone have any idea when the create a book will be released. I updated my mac to the latest software , lost all of Roots magic 7. At this time I was in the middle of writing a book thankfully I saved to another file or a year or more of work would have been lost. I updated to Roots magic 8 , unaware that there was no book publishing on 8 , im gutted. I have a dead line for the first book , and its part 1 of four , I need to get started with writing up the second book ASAP to be on track . These are all getting published to the public, with 25 years research. Any help would be appreciated , if anyone could guide me when or if book publishing will be released on 8 or what other writing /Ancestry kind of software to use . I have wrote other books using roots magic for years now.

Why don’t you reinstall Roots Magic 7 and use that?

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Hi, I have tried it wont allow me to since the upgrade to mac Monterey . Ive tried overriding it just does the same thing . Thanks.

Bruce addressed this question a day or two ago. I believe he said that they had the book publishing bit completed and were testing it now. He didn’t give an exact release date but it is apparently getting close.

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Publisher is our highest development priority right now. We are wrapping up and testing it, but we cannot give any time frame on its release. It really depends on how testing of the feature goes. If you have a critical need and deadline then I would suggest you look into running RM7 Windows on the Mac with CrossOver. I believe CrossOver has a 30 day trial.

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Thats great news Thank you!

Thank you, so looking forward to this .

Agreed – unlikely he would so clearly mention it unless it was planned withing the next two releases I would say.

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I am also keen to have Publisher running. I am approaching completion of a comprehensive book which I have been working on for many years. I hope it will not have bugs.

Bruce apparently stopped paying for the RM7 wrapper after mac Mojave so it won’t run at all. You also lost the ability to use any 32 bit apps like Overdrive for library books.

Codeweaver will happily sell you crossover but you will have to create your own less than stellar wrapper for RM7 AND after Ventura is released in October that version of crossover will have to be revised to work with the new mac OS.

Not exactly on topic but in case you missed it, Overdrive is planning to do away with the actual Overdrive app by the end of the year. They are pushing everyone to use their app, Libby, instead. One might assume that Libby would be 64-bit.

Bruce apparently stopped paying for the RM7 wrapper after mac Mojave so it won’t run at all.

RM7 is supported up to Big Sur and 64-bit. Monterey came out after RM8 was released and that is why RM7 isn’t supported on it.