Notes on my Feature Suggestions

I should note that while comments about alternative ways to do what I’m suggesting are interesting, the reason that I have put in these suggestions is that I’m already doing these alternative ways and wish to stop. I also understand that not everyone using RM has been using technology since the days of punched cards (and plug-boards BTW) so using the alternative means I use aren’t practical for them.

So, my rash of feature requests is documenting things I’m already doing outside of RM that I would like to do inside of RM that I think would be useful to a wider audience. I’m also documenting useful features I’ve seen in other genealogy programs that I think would benefit RM users.

I should note that while RM7 on Big Sur Mac is my primary database. I also have RM8 on both Mac and Windows 10, Reunion and Family Tree Maker 2019 on Mac Big Sur, Heredis on Mac and Windows, and MyHeritage’s Family Tree Builder for Mac and Windows. If I had to I could fire up Windows 98 or 7 or Mac OS 9. Dealing with RM8 isn’t in my top 10 of rodeos.

i’m using RM7 now because it’s most efficient at the workflow I need to do at the moment. I would like to move to RM8, but until Publisher works and some of the speed issues are addressed RM7 for me is better.

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