Returning to RootsMagic 7, for a while at least

I congratulate the team on making the GEDCOM stuff work well. I found that there were only minor problems that arose when I did a round-trip to RootsMagic7, so I haven’t lost anything significant in the last month and a half as I struggled with the RootsMagic8. Anyone who has been following my comments knows that I found the bugs and what-have-you other problems with the user interface a difficulty. I will miss the ability to edit two people in parallel. I will not miss the fact that the new version wants more real estate than the old one. The old sidebar was pretty compact. The new one wants a lot of space, because the things below the History tabs want to be seen, and the individual that appears above must be there to handle multiple marriages (the RM7 approach was much better). There is way too much white space in the Family layout. Others have commented on the clickiness of the interface, and, although I really like my trackball, I also like streamlined keyboard interfaces. I hope the development team will think that the user’s voice on all these matters is important.

I hope to see you all in the future.


I’m hanging in there because I think we really need to beat on this thing and send them the bugs. I totally agree with you about how much space the interface spans. I am working on a laptop in my lap using virtual books and reports. RM7 was more compact and displayed everything I needed leaving desk top space on my 17" screen- I feel for anyone using 14 or 15" screens!

I’m with you. After waiting two-plus years and prepaying for the program, it is a great disappointment. My eyes hurt just looking at the screen. I will continue with RM7.

On a 13" mac retina RM8 looks pretty good compared to the awful Windows XP interface of RM7 in crossover or the tiny print on FTM 2019.

My problem is the large number of fatal bugs, clumsy clicks and the failure of RM8 to compy with the standard mac menu and preference interface behavior. I suspect the two are related since no other mac program acts like this. I use 3 other genealogy programs (FTM 2019, Heredis and MacFamilyTree) which all behave normally and smoothly.

I am another who returned to RM7 because I could not efficiently do the editing of my database that I am currently engaged in. In the future I may well try RM8 again. I still am concerned about people of older age and the problems with the RM8 screen. I had trouble visually even with a 17" laptop. Please keep RM7 available for purchase for the newbies and the older people who need a much less complicated screen. I cannot imagine using RM8 on my 15" laptop. Even with RM7 I went to the 17" screen to make data entry easier. We all make typing mistakes and the cleaner/ clearer the screen is, the more likely we will see our mistakes. This is especially true for us senior citizen users.

Older eyes and those who have macular are not well served by the tech nerds who love tiny fonts. Consider the M1 16 inch macbook pro ($$) and the M1 iMac 24" desktop ($). Both have excellent large screens. The MBP has a mini led display which is probably the best available and the desktop’s retina is also excellent and would let you change the screen resolution (larger text) one or two steps.