Ready to move from RM7 to RM8

Hello! I’ve been away from RM for over a year - working exclusively in Ancestry on an adoption.
Now I want to do several things and would love some instruction:

  1. Upgrade RM7 to RM8 - 
                                         Is there anything special I need to do first or be aware of? 
                                         Any issues or bugs with RM8?
  1. I watched the tutorial Bruce did on downloading my Ancestry file -
    I know I’ll be creating a NEW RM db with that download, but after that is
    done, is there a way to compare my old RM db to the new RM (downloaded)
    db and easily make changes to the new one? Like maybe a side by side?
    Seems I read some time ago about being able to do a drag and drop of facts
    from one db to another? Is this correct?

Thanks for any help you can give me on this!

Yes by using the Compare Files feature. Download Ancestry tree & give it a name other than the existing one. Go to the Command Palette and select the Compare and it will ask to open another database (pick the other).
I would make backups of both prior to doing the compare.

Watch Bruce’s videos and review the forum posts. There are lots of bugs big and small especially for mac users. Try out RM8 with caution and judge for yourself.

Thanks. I was hoping to get your opinion on making the move to RM8. I’ve been a RM user since it was Family Origins and know that there are ALWAYS some sort of bugs or issues. Sometimes they are enough of a problem that people recommend waiting awhile to upgrade. And sometimes they are not all that much of an issue, just something to be aware of. I don’t really have time right now to watch ALL of Bruce’s videos, and was hoping for a synopsis from a few of RM’s more seasoned users.

Thank you MadDog! I appreciate your response!

If I were you, I’d hold off with 8 until you have the time to watch the videos. It is a new program even tho the name is similar.

I spent some time yesterday, reading through the main thread here and I see what you mean about it being a new program. I did download it and imported my main db from RM7 (but I also saved a pristine copy of the db before doing that, just in case). I see many changes just in the layout of the various views. I think you’re right and I’ll be sure to watch the videos before going any further. Thank you!

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Nothing will happen to your RM7 database with the .rmgc file extension. It will still sit there on your computer as will the RM7 program if you so desire. Installing RM8 and Importing the RM7 db into it has no effect on these.

Gotcha. Just years of making backups before any updates. :slight_smile: