Sync RM7 & RM8 Databases

Hi Friends of RM, can any one help or advise please. I downloaded RM8 as it came on the Market, and synced it with Ancestry, then RM advised we should continue used RM7 for a while. I am now in a MESS, as RM7 is more up to date, but I also did a bit of work on my database in RM8 and there are a some names not in RM7. is there any way I can re sync these two databases and start using RM8 properly now. (used RM7 more because of Publisher). Thank you.

Just to be clear RM employees wouldn’t advise someone to go from RM8 back to RM7. The only time we tell people to do that is to use a GEDCOM to go back to use a feature like Publisher that is not currently in RM8. The expectation being that its just to run the report and not continue to use RM7.

You will need to import your RM7 database into RM8 and use the Compare feature to see what differences there are. Compare is under File, Tools. Compare files does not support family facts and relationships so keep that in mind as you move people and data. You will need to link those relationships and add marriage facts afterwards.

Hi Renee hello, you are wonderful over the years you have not let me down.

I got that advise from the “Community” and was convinced it was from RM themselves, so I apologise for mis-informing to you. I will now follow your advise and try and get my Database back on track, thank you very much my friend, kind regards BobS.