People list RM 7 & RM8

Can any one please help or advise. I have both versions of RM7 & 8 on my PC, whilst some of the blips were being sorted out I continued using RM7, stupidly forgot to also amend RM8, so now have just over 1000 names to update in RM8. With some 35000 names in my database, is there any way I can find the missing names without going through the Index individually, even create a report of the name index in both versions would help?

You could use the Compare feature in RM8. To do it, you would need to import your latest RM7 file into RM8 with a new name . Then use the compare feature with both files. Be aware that if you update a file with the Compare feature by moving data over to the other file, the data will be transferred using GEDCOM rules. So after you transfer data, verify that all of the data has been transferred. You can search this forum for GEDCOM and you will find more on this feature.

To OleSeminole: My most sincere thanks for such an immediate reply, much appreciated. I will try your suggestion.

This may sound like a strange question, but why not just delete your RM8 database and then import your RM7 database into a new RM8 database?

It sounds like you have been trying to keep your RM7 and RM8 databases in sync manually. Unless you have entered data into RM8 that is not in RM7, just deleting the RM8 database and reloading it from RM7 would be the easiest approach.

Hi Jerry, I like your idea, except not sure what would then happen when I do a “TreeShare” with Ancestry and my DNA results.

I don’t know either. Well, I don’t know the details.

I periodically delete my old Ancestry tree and make a new one from RM. Doing all the manual syncing is just an impossible task. And I periodically get a notice from Ancestry that they have identified a possible cousin.

I don’t know if Ancestry loses old matches when I reload my tree or if it re-establishes the old matches. Ancestry obviously still has my DNA test on file and it still is linking my DNA test results to my new tree any time I reload. But I don’t know the details of how it goes about relinking me to possible cousins after I reload my tree. Maybe somebody else knows the details for sure.

Bob, it works, or it has for me. Import RM7 database into RM8, with a different name, then upload to Ancestry via tree share. Link the new database to your DNA, but don’t delete the old tree. It will take a couple of days or so for matches to appear, but you should still get the same ones you had in the old file.
Update: Bob I just checked my 2 trees on Ancestry. One tree is linked the other unlinked, but was previously linked. Both trees are showing my DNA matches, the total number of cousins match in both trees. Hope this helps

Hi Ruth, I really appreciate your information, it has put my mind at ease. It did seem a mammoth task in making sure RM7 & RM8 was in Sync. RM8 is a new learning curve and am very wary on what can or cannot be done safely, would hate to loose 20 years of research. Kind regards.

Hi Bob. Thanks for your comments. I can appreciate you being wary, so was I when I first tried. I only uploaded a small section of my tree. First I created a group of people I wanted in the tree, then exported that group into a separate database in RM8 and did the upload from that. That’s just another suggestion, to make sure you are happy with everything before going ahead and doing your entire tree.

Hi Ruth. I like what you suggest, it is so logical, trouble with so much to think about, we tend to miss the obvious, it’s thanks to you and the RM Community with another pair of eyes that are helping many researchers who have hit problems, will need to set up a plan of campaign now. Many thanks for your time.