Tree Share - RM7 and RM8

Until the bugs have been sorted, the advise has been given to continue using both RM7 & RM8, even though we create a new database from our RM7 files, it changes the format to RM8 but still leaves it as a RM7 so it can be worked on separately, (two databases).

Now if I update RM7 and do a Tree Share, will that mean if I do a Tree Share in RM8 it will show the changes on Ancestry I made via RM7?

Let me explain it this way. Suppose you have an ancestry tree connected to your RM7. Suppose you have a cousin who is also using RM7 and suppose you grant your cousin full access to your ancestry tree. Now both of you can make changes to RM7 you can upload to the ancestry tree via TreeShare. And both of you can see the changes the other one made in the ancestry and download those changes to your own copy of RM7.

If you have your RM7 connected to an ancestry tree and if your import your RM7 tree to RM8, it’s like RM7 is you and RM8 is your cousin, even though both RM7 and RM8 are really you and they are both on the same computer. You can change things on RM7 and upload to ancestry and RM8 can see the changes in ancestry and vice versa.

Thank you for the explanation, I was going through a “Senior Moment”, my mind went blank and was trying to fathom out what I was doing. So if I have it right my tree on Ancestry is shared by both the RM7 & the RM8 databases and what changes I make in one version it will show up in the other version.

Caution! Choose only 1 primary database RM7 and make changes there only. After upload to Ancestry those changes would be available if you had a RM8 file created by a download from ancestry.

I more than appreciate this warning, as I had already noticed a couple of changes made on RM7, then did a Tree Share, has made a mess of the same people in RM8. So thank you for this advise.

Sorry I didn’t give the same warning in my explanation. There is a certain amount of data that doesn’t survive a round trip between RM and ancestry and back to RM very well. Sometimes two users will try to share their RM databases with each other exactly as I described in my “cousins working together” example. Then they will soon discover that some of their data is not the same on each of their local RM databases and cannot be shared accurately using ancestry. For some users, the differences will seem to be minor and of no concern. For some users, the differences will seem to be significant enough that they abandon the effort to share databases in this manner.

The same is true if you “share” data between your RM7 and RM8 using ancestry as an intermediary. It does work, but there is certain data that will not survive a roundtrip. Some data will be fine, but certain data will not survive. It’s not a error in TreeShare. Rather, the problem is that RM and ancestry use different data models, and there is certain data that literally cannot be converted from the one to the other.

So you need to keep RM7 as your primary database and experiment and learn with RM8 until you are ready to use RM8 fulltime. Then when you are ready to use RM8 fulltime, you need to make a new and empty RM8 database and import all your RM7 data into it. At the time you do the conversion, the data you have in ancestry will already be connected to RM8. The data in ancestry will not match exactly what is in RM8, but it didn’t match exactly what was in RM7, either.

Your explanation makes more sense now, and can see why the data is not really exchangeable using the same database in both RM7 and RM8 with Ancestry, so as you say DO NOT mix the two. RM has always been a powerful program and we learn every day. Thanks a lot.

I’m doing that exact thing. RM7 is my primary and I’m moving changes to RM8 via TreeShare. Since the Tree I had in RM7 was connected (and fully synced) with Ancestry the migrated database was also connected to the same tree in Ancestry.

When RM8 is stable (and fast) enough to use as my primary I’ll do one more full conversion and not count on my individual updates via TreeShare, but this method lets me test RM8 with current data.

Not thought of it that way, as I did a Tree Share from RM7, then went to RM8 to up date, but when I went back to RM7 I was finding the data conflicting, so was going to use the previous contributors advise, only work with one database, then as you say eventually do a complete new down load into RM8.