Tree share in RM8

I am still using RM7 and I am looking for information on Tree share in RM8. Where can I read about new/dropped Tree share functionality in RM8, known problems and recommended approaches to converting trees? I don’t see Tree share in the Wiki at all.
Looking here I have seen:

  1. Someone asking to bring Ancestry web links into RM as a web tag (a big thing for me too and apparently not solved in RM8)
  2. Someone asking to allow ‘update all’ on the dialogue box for amending a fact using tree share – personally I think that RM7 requires about four times more clicks than it should when doing an average update. This is already a problem as I have arthritis in both hands; anything that required more mouse clicks would be a big setback.
  3. People complaining about the interface being slow and memory running out.

As to the conversion approach, I think I have a choice between converting my tree from RM7 to RM8 and re-establishing a link with Ancestry or creating a new tree in RM8 by downloading my Ancestry tree again from scratch. If the second approach were to populate the web tags, for example, then I would want to use it. It would also eliminate any differences that might have crept in between the two databases and get rid of two corrupt people records in RM7 which the database tools don’t clean up. I am not sure which approach would be more likely to encounter memory or other problems.
I maintain my main tree with about 50,000 people on Ancestry and then use Treeshare to update RM where I search for duplicates, errors, inconsistent place names etc, check for hints, update FamilySearch add groups etc.
Any pointers please?