RM9 and Tree Share for Ancestry - Performance Problem

I just installed RM9. I’ve been using RM7, staying away from RM8 because of all the problems I’ve read that others have been having. I decided to take the plunge with RM9 because of the special $20 offer.

I use Tree Share a lot. One reason I’ve been afraid to use RM8 was because I was afraid that it might screw up the tree that’s been built in Ancestry. To test Tree Share in RM9 I added a child to a family that was already in the database and then invoked Tree Share. Nothing happened and I waited a long time. Then I tried to leave Tree Share and all of a sudden something popped up, as if the write to my screen was being held back waiting for some kind of activity from my end. Then it took a real long time to scan the Ancestry database to find any changes. The result of this brief test is nothing bad happened, it did what it was supposed to do, but it took a LONG time, plus I had to wake it up at one point. Has anyone else noticed this? Any idea when it might perform as well as it does in RM7? In the meantime I’ll back off from RM9.

I suspect that there was something else going on – either connection issues, or the spawning of the initial treeshare connection db that keeps track of the synchronization between your RM file and your ancestry tree, or some combination thereof. I haven’t done much testing of treeshare on rm9, but treeshare on rm8 was not significantly different than rm8, imo.

A better test would be to make a copy of your RM7 db, disconnect the copy from Treeshare, convert the copy to rm9, and then push up a new tree to ancestry. Mark it private and exclude it from ancestry’s index function. This will allow you to get familiar with rm9 and fully exercise treeshare without impacting your master db / ancestry connection. When you’re ready to convert your master db to ancestry, delete the rm9 test db and associated ancestry test tree and perform the conversion again.

The benefits of RM8 and RM9 are significant enough that you probably shouldn’t be overly influenced by comments of others. People don’t like change and some people feel the need to share that dislike more than others.