TreeShare Quick Update option?

I routinely do lots of work in Ancestry and then upload my changes to RM (I have vs 8). It is a painstaking process to open every individual and click on every single line item to add new or update and then accept each person. Anyone have a solution or trick do to:
A. automatically accept all changes for an individual
B. automatically accept all changes of new people

If you only work in Ancestry and use RM only for backup and creating reports, you could download your Ancestry tree to a new RM database occasionally. That’s the only trick there really is.

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No tricks, and the process in RM8/9 is even more laborious than RM7. I have a database with over 20,000 people synced with Ancestry and I’ve done that by clicking every update since after then initial merge, so I’ve done hundreds of thousands of clicks. Many claim having to click until your hand cramps up improves data quality. I disagree, but apparently the hand cramping believers are winning out. The issue has been there since 7.5 and there are apparently no plans to correct it.

The primary suggestion I have to speed the process is when adding do entire families at a time. Say you have father, mother, grandpa, grandma, and 8 kids. Add the father, close TreeShare and do some updates to the father. When you reopen TreeShare you’ll see the father as synced so open him, click the updates you made, the click grandma, grandpa, and the 8 kids. That will sync your changes to the father and all mother, grandma, grandpa, and the 8 kids in one pass.

How do you “close” treeshare and is this done in ancestry or RM?

going from ancestry to RM is a download not upload and a poor choice if you want the master file to be RM which is under your control not ancestry’s.

THat’s not what I’m saying.

You add your people to RM. Start your TreeShare session and see your list of new/updated people. Upload the dad, close the TreeShare (i.e. go back to people), update the dad, Start another TreeShare session select the dad, click the updates then click on mom, grampa, grandma, and the kids. Uploads all members of the family at once.

I suppose the process would work in reverse (i.e. Ancestry → RM) but since RM is my master I’ve never tried it.

For those of us who use RM as a backup the process is the same, annoyingly over taxing in terms of the time it takes to update RM.

In RM 8 I counted the clicks per person whilst using Tree Share and the minimum was 7, with the most nearly 40, which is ridiculous.

RM 8 kept showing Error Messages on my Windows PC when there were to many changes checked for a person, it really is annoying.

One good point is that RM 9 has a single check box for all the additional media of a changed person.

I would rather have an Accept All for the changes and then I could work through the Tools ie problem list, duplicates, data clean and tree count to checkout that the RM tree is accurate.

RM 8 is a bug infested piece of rubbish, update to 9 or return to 7.

RM8 was the customer supported beta. 7 is obsolete and does not run on current macs. RM9 is a real release with new features that work, a set of videos and a print manual (if dimly printed).

It isn’t obsolete until something important to you stops working…AND…as I have told you before, it runs just find on modern Macs. One needs to have the appropriate emulator installed and then they can download and install the Windows version, not the Mac version. Don’t lie to people just because you don’t like version 7.

My main tree sits on Ancestry and has about 55,000 people. I use treeshare to update Rootsmagic which I use as a backup, for its error checking/duplicate search, its link to FS, its hints and various other functions. Before treeshare came out I used to download a new gedcom from Ancestry every month or so, but it was too onerous to complete the ‘not a problem’ list each time which restricted the value of the error checking to me.

I had long thought of proposing a radical re-design of treeshare with the objective of cutting out 90% of the clicks. For me the number of clicks in RM7 made it borderline unusable.

I don’t like wasting my genealogy time checking software bugs, so I have sat out RM8. News that RM9 adds a large number of new clicks makes it unusable for me. I can’t imagine myself buying RM9 unless this is sorted out. I am happy to suggest how this could be done. (I also don’t like the bugs in treeshare [in RM7 at least] that create corrupt records in RM if you try to add duplicate children from Ancestry with the same name and corrupt marriages in Ancestry if you work the other way around.)

Alan, really good comments.

I have RM, Reunion, Family Historian and Legacy.

I will never ever trust all my research to one piece if software and as the Roots Magic team have shown over the last few years that they are not yet capable of producing a stable minimal bugged piece of software.

Nor do many users and the RM team grasp that using Ancestry as the prime location for a Family Tree is the way to work.

If you add in DNA testing and working with matches and then using RM as the prime tree location completely screws up an efficient workflow.

To get the most out of having your DNA tested two things are needed (1) an Ancestry test as they have 2x as many testees as their nearest competitor (2) an extensive wide and accurate family tree on Their Website.

As DNA testing gets more and more popular and used more extensively RM will become an also ran if they do not change their ethos.

Whilst I am damning of RM the software that I do have and use all have pros and cons and I do prefer RM, but for charting none comes close to Reunion.

nonsense again. RM7 wrapper requires mojave to run which is an obsolete mac os several years back.

No, it isn’t nonsense. I am not talking about the RM wrapper. I specifically stated the Windows version of Rootsmagic. Not the Mac version…and I know this because I am doing it.