RM7 to RM8.5.25.0

I am having some problems.
Has crashed at least 2 times in 2 days. Reports sent.
I waited for some time to upgrade so that any bugs were worked out.
Converted RM 7 file
Did all the DB tools
TreeShare to existing Ancestry tree
Now I have over 4 pages of people with no sex.
They all had a sex assigned at Ancestry except the Infants. And Ancestry has no sex for them now.
That should take only 4 hours to fix.
Missing people that are at Ancestry but not on RM
When you add them from the TreeShare it just duplicates them on Ancestry.
And it a pain in the but to fix.
There is no Matches at TreeShare from Ancestry. They do included their spouses and parents that or on either tree.
People stay on the (not all but most) TreeShare page after all changes are made and are there even it no changes are needed and all items match.
Yes I can "clear everyone from “change list” but they should go away after 20 plus so TreeShares
Not to pleased with the TreeShare function.
Faster than copy and paste but its still poorly implemented.
I should not be having to accept each and every little change. They should be done all at once.
New people should be added automatically from either side.
Merging Place names again requires doing each individual.
Place names not recognized as the same when they are exactly entered.
I don’t think there is anything that can be done. Would be nice it I was wrong.

For better or worse, that is very much an intentional design. Some RM users very much like the design and some very much do not like the design. It has been much discussed, and it is very unlikely to change.

Before adding anyone from RM or Ancestry uncheck the box " Only show unchanged people". Otherwise, you could have a duplicate in one location and simply add another duplicate to the other side. If you see duplicates you need to merge them on the side they appear.

In Settings, WebHints, check the box “Clear on accept”. It will remove the person from the “Changed” list after accepting changes. Otherwise, if you don’t want that make sure to click the “X” in the upper right corner to "Mark as “not changed”. That will take them off the “Changed” list.

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