Adding people from RootsMagic to Ancestry Tree via TreeShare

I’m new to RootsMagic and have built my tree until now on Ancestry. I imported my tree to RM, no issues at all. Easy peasy. I’ve gone ahead and added tons of people in RootsMagic. Also, easy peasy.

My issue : When I go to sync the trees I get the list of changed people. Now I have tons of people that are not in the Ancestry tree. If I add them via the “Add” button they add to the Ancestry tree but don’t link to the mother, father or spouse, etc. If I “Add as a new person” through another name they don’t show up as a spouse, child, etc on Ancestry. I go through and link them individually to a RM person and somehow I end up with 2 entries for the same person in the TreeShare screen. One entry will show that everyone is on Ancestry as a family unit (after I’ve gone into Ancestry and individually added them as child, spouse, parent, etc), the other shows up as a not linked person. There is only one of that person in Ancestry and RM. There are no family members that have the person related twice (ie. under two mothers) I have no idea how to do this properly and it’s making me absolutely crazy. I’m happy to share more information (screen shots, what happens if scenarios) if that will help explain my issue.

Is there a video, post or something that will walk me through this process? There are lots that tell me how to do the initial set-up share but from there I can’t find anything on the subsequent updating. Or would someone be willing to post their step-by-step process here?

Thanks so much in advance.


Heather, some more information is needed here, perhaps a screen shot? Is this RM8 or RM7? When you add a new person in your RM program, and then TreeShare to update Ancestry, you would choose the Add Button. You should see on the RM side of the screen the links to Parents, or spouse or child so you will know the link is set in RM properly. It then links to the appropriate family group in Ancestry. If the other family members are new also, the links will catch up. If the Person exists in Ancestry but it not linked to your RM program, you can choose on the Ancestry side to display “Best Matches.” Then link the two people.

I’m using RootsMagic 8.

Sometimes the adding works fine but other times it comes back like the screenshots below. Both are for the same person. The person is linked in one line but not the other. They are only in each tree once. No relationships doubled up. It’s the same thing for all of the highlighted ones. There are many more. These seem to happen when the person is added to Ancestry but the relationships don’t seem to be there, even after everyone else in the family is added. I went in to Ancestry for this family and linked up the parents / children.

I made screenshots of the whole process with another person, there were tons so I thought I’d start here.

Heather, what number do you have set to display in your RM file, the RIN (record identification number)? Look at settings, general settings (looks like a cog wheel) to see if you have a number displayed. It appears you may have duplicate people in both your RM database and on the Ancestry tree. I see a lot of same name and number combinations in these screen shots that might indicate more than one of the same individual.

Those are actually other numbers that are set as the suffix of the names. Turns out my grandmother’s family were Mennonites and their naming traditions mean that the same first and surnames appear over and over again. The numbers ensure I’m looking at the correct person and correspond with others on Ancestry and MyHeritage researching the same people.

Here is a link to a Video on the RM TreeShare process. It was made for RM7 but the TreeShare process hasn’t changed for RM8. RM TreeShare Video

It appears you might have duplicates in both your RM program and in your Ancestry tree. Check the People list on both sides. You can sort RM’s People list in alphabetical order, so it matches the Ancestry tree to compare.

Thank you very much for trying to help me. I have watched that video and there are a couple of duplicates in my tree but not any of the people I was looking at last night. The problem seems to be that even after I match someone it doesn’t seem to “stick”. I went back in today and the duplicate names were showing unmatched. I matched them and they showed as one, even let me match the family members. I exited out of tree share, everyone was shown as matched, went back in, none of them are matched anymore. I’m going to try something else, but at this point it’s looking less like a me problem :s

To be quite sure about identifying duplicates on RM I would have the RM RIN showing:
Settings/General Settings/Number to display

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Thank you for your reply. I don’t know what it was, something stemming from ancestry’s side I think. It was probably me adding a whole new person with a slightly different name. I ended up just starting a new RM tree and downloading the ancestry tree to it. I’ve only had the problem once since then but I’m doing more frequent syncs and that seems to help catch any issues quickly.