Adding new person via TreeChare

I have the same problem as Adding people from RootsMagic to Ancestry Tree via TreeShare

There was no solution and the new update didn’t help.
I reset my TreeShare-Connection several times.

It is not due to duplicated persons.
I have one new person at RM8, I add it to Ancestry via Treeshare. I will not appear on the list, but there is a new person on Ancestry, but just the name without more information (birth, death, etc.). The link to other persons are missing, too (no children/parents) and this new Ancestry-person is not linked to the RM8-person.

If I link them manually, it will stay for 1-3 sessions and then the link (RM8-Ancestry) disappears. Additionally, On the RM8-site, I have a double entry for this person during in the TreeShare, not on the RM8-person page. One entry of the person is not linked to ancestry, this other one is.

Thanks so much for your reply. I ended up making a new tree in RM since the ancestry one was the up-to-date one. I haven’t had the problem since but I’m now just focusing on one family group at a time and doing the syncing often. That way if I find someone that is bothersome I can just delete them and add them again, they usually only show up once after that.