RM9 - ancestry tree share

I’ve never used the ancestry tree share feature before because when this first came about, I had a tree in both places (as I have used ancestry for a looooong time) and you can’t have that to start out. You either have a tree in ancestry and not in RM or a tree in RM and not in ancestry. And there was no way to merge the information for the trees. So I have been manually modifying trees in both places.

My question is - under RM9 is this any different? Or is there now a function to do a merge either manually or automatically?


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Still the same. Got to duplicate the info both places.

In a nutshell, no, it isn’t any different. However, what you could do is Treeshare the Ancestry file down to a blank RM9 database. Make the corrections to that newly Treeshared tree. You can merge, or drag and drop or manually make the changes, but onece you get everything into the newly downloaded file, you can Run tree share to upload back to Ancestry. No you have a file that is in both RM and on Ancestry. You can stop using your current file in RM because you merged it into the Ancestry file already. Just keep on going with that newer file.

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